Fr Steiner’s Installation – Photo Gallery

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Here is the link to the online gallery with all of the images taken by one of our very talented parishioners, Lisa Link.

The link to Fr Steiner’s Installation is below:

password  HolyRosary

From this link you can share, download, email or print any of the images.

You will just need to sign in and create an account.

You can order prints directly from this online gallery or download the images and have them printed at any print lab

  • Click the gallery link from above
  • Click on “Enter Gallery”
  • You will see a main photo at the top of your gallery. At the top left-hand corner there is a Menu tab with 3 horizontal bars.
  • Click these bars to slide the tab out.
  • Click Login
  • Either create a login with your email and make up a password or click login with Facebook.

Once you have done this, it unlocks all your photos to share and download

Downloading photos:

You can download images one at a time.

  • Just click on the photo. This will make it full screen.
  • Click Viewing Instructions
  • Click the download icon at the top of the screen
  • Follow the promptings it gives you.

To download them all at once.

  • Just click on “Download” under the menu tab and a white box will pop up.
  • Click the folder you want to download.
  • Click “Start Download”.
  • A new box of information will come up saying that photos are preparing to download.
  • Once that has completed you can click on Download photos. A box will pop up asking to save file. This will be a ZIPPED folder.
  • Once you have it saved. Just right click on the zipped folder and then click “extract all”. This will open the folder and files.
  • You can choose where you want to have them saved on your computer.




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